Championing the integrated approach

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With the continuing challenges to public service funding Local Authorities and Councils are increasingly looking to innovative methods of making savings whilst delivering the same service..

A key strategy we are seeing is to pool resources between LA’s/Councils to benefit from efficiencies of scale. A recent example has been the Greater Manchester Combined Authority which amongst other responsibilities controls the £6billion healthcare budget across the Greater Manchester area delivering efficiencies and cost savings by closer integration of services, sharing resources and improved planning..

WB has been working with councils for 15 years delivering online and mobile solutions that support learning and working across 1 in 5 Local Authorities, Councils and training providers delivering cost savings whilst improving services.

As part of our work to deliver better value services we have championed the integrated approach for Local Government services. The Education Achievement Service (EAS) delivers training, education and management services for five local authorities in South East Wales with the goal of raising educational standards across the area. By breaking down the borders between Local Government organisations EAS has been able to deliver improved teaching standards across South East Wales whilst at the same time costing the tax payer significantly less than previous services run independently by each Local Authority.

London Local Government often acts as the catalyst for new ideas at both the large and small scale before they are implemented across the country. Given the number of authorities in the city it has become critical to share resources, knowledge and services across council borderlines. The London Borough of Sutton and Merton Council have been working together since 2013 with their integrated SAMS service providing training and school Governor services across both council areas.

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