Thinking Mobile First.

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We live more and more in a world where end users expect to be able to access information anywhere, at any time and on any device.

This was highlighted by Google’s recent announcement that they will begin to penalize search results which are not easily readable on mobile devices, meaning non-mobile friendly sites will slip down their Search page rankings.

Not being mobile friendly could have a significant impact on your site. So many of us are accessing the internet from our smartphones, on the go, every day. If you want to boost your rankings from mobile devices, the time is right to switch to a mobile-friendly website.

CPD Online Mobile has been one of our most popular upgrades over the last two years. The upgrade uses a “responsive” design which means CPD Online LMS automatically looks great on any device including desktops, tablets and smartphones; making it easier for users to book courses at anytime, from anywhere, significantly increasing your CPD take up.

There are also opportunities to make even more efficiency savings. Tutors can mark course registers on tablets or smartphones removing the need for paper registers. Course participants can complete end of course evaluations before they leave each event using their own tablet or smartphone giving you instant feedback.

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