Traded Services Online – an integrated approach…

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Is a joined up, single click system really possible for schools and settings buying Local Authority Traded Services?

We all know that purchasing products online is an amazingly easy experience. Click ‘buy it now’ and almost like magic your purchase arrives the next day. When in fact behind the scenes one incredible system is talking to other incredible systems, to bring you one single connected solution.

This led us to thinking, “if our users expect these capabilities when ordering their groceries; shouldn’t they get the same service from the systems they use at work?”

A few sticky notes later, Traded Services Online was born.

Traded Services Online provides a fast and secure experience for schools and settings to buy into your Traded Services. By integrating with other systems we’ve created a powerful connected online solution.

Traded Services Online can integrate with:

eLearning platform; open up access to eLearning content related to the Traded Services each school or setting buys.

Digital Communications Platform; allow your users to purchase access to secure content such as documents, news feeds, publication, videos & forums without having to deal with separate permissions or user profiles.

Learning Management System; allow your users to purchase subscriptions to events, buy redeemable credits all relevant to the traded services they are buying

Time Management System; allow your users to purchase and track consultancy time with your support team, consultants and advisors.

Single Sign On provider; whether it is Active Directory (AD), Shibboleth or LGfL USO, you can allow your users to keep using the logins they’re used to rather than forcing yet another forgettable password on them.

Your corporate finance system; sending invoices, reconciling payments and processing refunds is delivered as a seamless process with no need to enter data more than once