Welcome back Cardiff

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Cardiff Council moved away from CPD Online LMS in 2013 but  after just a few months of drowning in paperwork, created by use of their in-house system, the rallying to get CPD Online LMS re-instated began.

Fast forward to June 2015 and it was great to welcome back Cardiff Council after a short absence and deliver a two day training seminar to their head teachers and CPD leaders.  For users of old, it was a 40-minute refresher session. For users new to the system, it was a 40-minute introduction.  Within the hour, the courses uploaded by Cardiff Council were taking dozens of bookings from users old and new, for this year and next.

16 identical sessions were delivered to over 70 users over the two days and were warmly received by all who attended. It was fantastic to hear such wonderful comments from the end users, many of whom were delighted to see CPD Online LMS return. Its simplicity and user friendliness was the big appeal to all head teachers in the room who had previously been authorising bookings via searching through spreadsheets and signing documents. Cardiff Council will soon be looking to branch out to doing all of their course evaluations (pre course, post course and impact evaluations) using the Evaluations module, which is fully integrated with CPD Online LMS.

Julie Elliott of Cardiff Council says “I am very happy to be using CPD Online LMS as a means to publishing our courses, I believe it will, ultimately, lead to a better service to our schools in Cardiff.”