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Cutting edge Training and Learning Management System (LMS) is saving Councils millions of pounds a year

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Councils are saving millions of pounds in costs every year and dramatically improving efficiency across their services – thanks to a Devon company’s online system for delivering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required for Public Sector workforce development.

Since 2001, from offices at Plymouth Science Park, WebBased has developed a cutting edge online Learning Management System (LMS) that is currently helping to transform the skills and knowledge of 300,000 employees in more than 40 councils across the UK.

But not only is each staff member helping to grow and progress their own careers – it is also delivering major efficiencies and cost savings for councils and the organisations they work with, which ultimately translates into a much better service for customers.

As well as local authorities, WebBased’s CPD Online solution is also aimed at teaching schools, training providers, health authorities and a host of other organisations looking for ways to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of CPD provision for its staff.

Suffolk County Council is just one of the local authorities benefitting. Suffolk CPD online currently advertises 3,000 events a year. The Workforce Development team has calculated that the additional cost of administering this number of programmes using traditional methods would be in the region of £120,000.

In the past staff could spend an average of almost four hours on admin time per CPD event which is now down to just 15 minutes – and with approximately 3,000 events per year, that’s a saving of 11,250 hours per annum.

Fiona Denny, Head of ACS and CYP Workforce Development at Suffolk County Council, said they are delighted with CPD Online.

“It has become an indispensable aid to our business, enabling us to deliver so much more with greater efficiency and a much better service to our customers,” she said.

“It has also supported our multi-agency working with increasing numbers of partners using the system to advertise their programmes and opening them out to other professional groups”.

The key to these savings is CPD Online’s booking system, which lies at the heart of the LMS. As well as admin staff being able to manage bookings easily and access financial/cost reports, individual staff members can book and track their own training records. What’s more, senior management can use the system to access crucial data to evaluate impact and effectiveness – data that has never been so easily accessible before.

“What makes our CPD online solution so different is the way we can integrate all the individual learning modules we offer via one unified system. Basically it is one learning solution with multiple channels,” said WebBased Managing Director Thomasina Ward.

“Different council departments may all be working independently on their CPD provision but with CPD Online they are connected to one system. This enables them to work both individually or together, but they can always access the information and data they need, quickly and efficiently – at the touch of button.”

WebBased CPD Online solution offers a number of modules to help councils to deliver the requirements of CPD training for both their staff and organisations they support, such as schools, early years teams, social care, as well as the Private and Voluntary sectors. The modules work independently or in tandem, enabling councils to ‘pick and mix’ the solutions they require to deliver the results they want.

Modules include CourseFinder, which speeds up the management and logistics of CPD opportunities for staff, a Finance and Audit module which integrates with a council’s existing finance system to track all costs around CPD online payments and a comprehensive eLearning platform, which can host any eLearning content provide by the council, or other providers.

Each member of staff also has access to an always up-to-date record of their Professional Development.

“CPD online is empowering workforces and transforming the operational capabilities of all our clients, saving them time and money every year,” added Thomasina.

“It’s about making everyone better and more efficient at what they do. A better trained and motivated staff, means a better and more capable organisation delivering a better service to its customers.”