Always up-to-date

You know the sinking feeling – you send the latest directory of courses to the printers and immediately a venue cancels or a tutor pulls out and the hard work is instantly out of date.  CPD Online LMS allows you to plan and advertise courses, with changes immediately reflected online.  If the course you are updating already has participants CPD Online LMS will email or text them all with the changes.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be an IT expert to use CPD Online LMS (we don’t mind if you are though).  All the functions in CPD Online LMS are easy to use and quickly become part of everyday administration.


CPD Online LMS isn’t an ‘off-the-shelf’ product where everyone has to use the same features regardless of their working practices. Software should be a tool to make things easier and not create endless hoops to jump through. Each LA has an implementation of CPD Online LMS that meets their needs including integration with financial and HR systems.

Time and cost saving

From online booking to automatic emails and text messages, CPD Online LMS saves hours of repetitive administration.  Even if colleagues work at different locations, CPD Online LMS ensures all information is in one place and easily to hand.

Pick and mix from a range of modules

Select from a portfolio of modules to meet your needs. All our modules fully integrate together and can be added at any time.

24/7 Access

A complete hosted solution with no software to install! Accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Works across the workforce

CPD Online LMS offers a multi-channel solution where different parts of the Council (for example Schools, Early Years, Social Care, etc) plan and prepare their own programmes of Professional Development and manage their own events. Events can be advertised across services so a course that is suitable for Teachers, Child Minders and Foster Carers is made available for online booking automatically in the correct place.

Users only need one username and password and CPD Online LMS will track their Professional Development regardless of which service is administering each course.

Includes the private and voluntary sector

Many Local Authority Software systems restrict access to staff on the Council payroll.  CPD Online LMS allows all sectors to engage with Professional Development whether they work in a school, from the local church hall or foster at home.

Support all your users


Participants can always access their own information which automatically includes a record of Professional Development. If they attend CPD that is not booked through CPD Online LMS it can be easily added. This complete record, always in one place, is great the night before a job evaluation meeting when you are trying to remember everything you have done in the last 12 months.

Line Managers

Line Managers can access summary information for their colleagues at any time. Instead of needing to phone the “LA CPD Team” for this information it is available automatically and is always up to date. For example, in a school the CPD Leader can easily report on all courses attended (when OFSTED ask or at any other time) by all staff or a Social Care Line Manager can spot gaps in mandatory training for their team.

The Local Authority and Council

The Local Authority and Council has access to all information in CPD Online LMS allowing them to easily complete mandatory returns, monitor CPD take up and plan ahead based on need.