Website Builder

Create professional looking web pages

Easily add and update content, news and posts on your website from where ever you are.


Tell your users when something is new

Automatically email users when new items of content are added that match their preferences.


Involve your whole team

Keep your site up to date. Anyone in your team can pre publish items that are then authorised before going live.



Upload any document including Word, Excel and PowerPoint in just a few steps and create web pages using a simple online authoring tool.


Designed with you to ensure your requirements, branding guidelines, vision and user experience are met.

Content channels

Content channels allow different teams and administrators to create, manage and publish content to separate areas and front end websites.

Public and private

All users who visit your site can see public content without logging in.

You can also choose to restrict and target some content to groups of users who log in using a secure username and password.

Folder and navigation structure

Make it easy for your users to find content by creating your own navigation structure and document folders.

News, Events and RSS

Link uploaded documents and web pages to categories of news and events to keep your homepage always up to date.


Upload your own videos and podcasts and decide who can access them.


Users can easily find the content they have access to with a simple keyword search. This searches the title, summary and content of the document.


Create your own e-Newsletters that are automatically sent to your subscribers and email lists.

Forums and blogs

Create and manage forums and blogs for different topic areas and user groups.

Responsive design

Ensure your users always have the best experience and can get to the information they need quickly and easily regardless of the device they are using.


Your site map based on your navigation structure is built automatically.