Up to date

Always up to date

Changes you make to courses are updated instantly online with course participants automatically informed by email or text.

Increase take up

Increase course take up

With online course booking, automatic email promotions and an advanced course search fill your course places quickly and easily.

Save money

Reduce costs

Deliver an excellent service to your users at a reduced cost with many time consuming tasks automated and audited.


Administer from anywhere

You can manage courses and bookings from anywhere with an Internet connection. With no software to install and a small learning curve you can be up and running straight away.

Easy to Manage, Plan and Promote

Plan your training directory in one place and ensure quality with line manager sign off before anything is made live.

If your users would still like a printed brochure they can download an up to date version, including your branding, at any time.

Real-time Online Bookings

Your users request places online which are authorised by their line manager before you confirm each place. Your confirmation emails, joining instructions, directions, special requirements etc. are all processed automatically.

Course leaders and tutors can see bookings in real time allowing them to plan accordingly.

Profit and loss

Include details of costs (e.g. speaker, venue, lunch etc.) and then automatically compare this with income to create profit and loss reports for each course.

Email and SMS alerts

Your course participants are kept up to date with their booking and any changes by email or text. You can include course materials and send text reminders a few days before each course runs.

Offer mandatory training

Your users can be reminded automatically to complete mandatory training based on their existing training record and qualifications.

Automatic marketing

Your users create a profile of their interests and training needs. As you add courses and eLearning that match needs each user receives a personalised email. This allows you to inform hundreds of interested users just by making a course live.

Up-to-date course register

Sign in forms, name badges and certificates are produced automatically. You confirm who attends each course so you have accurate records and can invoice accordingly.

Audit everything

All contact with each participant is fully audited. If you need to answer questions, for example about invoices, you can access a log of every communication sent to every user.

PDF Flyers

Promote selected courses by automatically sending PDF flyers to your users. These can be printed and put on notice boards.

Finance integration

Automatically generate the information your finance team needs to generate invoices including budget and nominal codes.