Quality Reports

Design your own evaluation questions and report on them with ease.

Evaluations online

Evaluations Online

Require evaluations to be completed online before issuing certificates and other course materials.


Judge Impact

Invite your users to submit impact evaluations online 1-3 months after they have attended training.


Easily add evaluations

If your participants complete paper based evaluations administrators can enter these quickly. Alternatively your participants can complete their evaluations online.

Powerful reports

You can run reports at any time that will analyse evaluation and impact data. You can also give line managers access to run their own reports.

Report on quality by filtering your reports by subject, venue and tutor.

Receive automatic alerts if quality measures fall below a defined level.

Smartphone and tablet evaluations

Automatically send a link to your participants’ smartphones for them to complete evaluations before they leave each course.

Encourage reflective practice

End of course evaluations do not tell the full picture. Invite your participants to complete a further evaluation of impact 1-3 months after each course. This will provide you with invaluable information about how effective each course has been.