Financial Planning

Financial planning made easy

Create a basket of expected costs for each event which will then generate your profit and loss reports.

Online Statements

Online Statements

Line Managers can access detailed financial reports for their establishment.


Integrates with central finance systems

Reports can be sent straight to central finance for invoicing and journaling.


Financial Planning

For each event you can add a basket of expected costs for course venue, catering, tutor, resources etc which will then recommend the cost per head based on minimum numbers.

Course Charges

You may have many different charging structures for different services, target audiences and establishment types – this is fine, you can have as many as you like!

Profit and loss

Generate profit and loss reports for each event or across a group of events.

Invoice and journal reports

You can generate invoices for your users or download a report and send to your central finance system. Reports are implemented based on your templates and what your finance team need.

Online Payments

Users are able to shop and pay online like you would on Amazon. Users can add courses to a basket and pay with a credit or debit card. This is usually popular with Early Years Settings.