Track terms

Track terms of office

Manage and record governor details in one place including terms of office, appointments and vacancies.

Course Booking

Offer training

Advertise, manage and track Governor professional development opportunities with online course booking.


Tools for clerks

Clerks can access details of their governing body, committees, meeting minutes and track professional development.


Management tools

All the tools you need for managing the complexity of governing bodies, terms of office, categories, positions and compositions.

Clerk Access

Clerks can login at any time and access their governing body details, track professional development and trigger automatic communications.

Governor Access

Give your Governors access to login and book training, view their committees, meetings, latest policy updates and news.


Access a wide range of reports to meet all your reporting needs:

  • Governor vacancies
  • Governor training
  • Governing bodies without a chair
  • Governing bodies without a clerk
  • Governors who serve on more than one governing body
  • Ethnicity report
  • Address labels
  • Letters (e.g. appointment and resignation)