Simplify how you register and support NQTs

Automated reminders and alerts will help ensure induction runs smoothly.


Online assessments accessible from anywhere

NQTs can complete assessment forms assigned online and submit when complete.


Target training events to
your NQTs

Support each NQTs Professional Development journey with suggested courses.


Registering NQTs

You have full control over adding and authorising new NQTs where NQTs or schools have registered themselves.

Tracking Tools

Once you have assigned assessment due dates automated tracking will start which will generate reminder emails and alerts for when assessments are completed or overdue.

Online Assessments

NQTs can start completing their assessments online as soon as they have been assigned. They can then submit their assessments once ready which alerts you and the school.

School User Roles

Assessments, reminders and lesson observations are all in one place for your Induction Tutors, Mentors, Headteachers and NQTs to access. Separate user roles are set up with different levels of access.


You can generate bespoke reports using filters and data columns from a Report Builder for downloading the data you need.