CPD Online cuts administration costs and increases efficiency for Kent LA

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Kent implemented CPD Online 18 months ago to enable the authority to offer access to training across the Children’s Workforce including schools staff, early years practitioners, governors, local authority staff, multi-agency partners and staff working in the voluntary and community sectors. It has enabled the authority to share resources and offer joint training opportunities across professions, to provide and facilitate a co-ordinated CPD programme to meet the needs of the Children’s Services workforce and reduce the bureaucratic burden.

CPD Online has helped to secure the effective use of resources for continuing professional development and has enabled the council to streamline and improve communication so that staff and organisations are able to identify appropriate development opportunities. It has encouraged integration while still continuing to value the distinctive contribution of each profession. Using CPD Online has supported the achievement of cost efficiencies through common approaches, processes and systems relating to the organisation, administration and reporting around training and development across the county.

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