Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Manager

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South East Wales Consortium (5 LEAs) have had huge success with CPD Online since their launch in 2008. They have 99.3% of users booking online and have seen annual savings of over £250,000. This year they have introduced a new Professional Learning Communities module (PLC) which is helping to transform the ways teachers develop their expertise. The PLC Manager enables LEAs and schools to manage the system so that the most effective use is made of the available time. This time can then be spent implementing change and improve performance rather than trying to manage a paper based system.

Schools have reported that the system is easy to use and that it has made the management of PLCs a process rather than a series of administrative tasks. Estyn (Welsh Inspection Service) has commented to colleagues that they are impressed that the PLC Manager has saved time and released teachers to focus on raising standards by focusing on improving pedagogy.

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