Single Tenancy

Your existing CPD Online system is a ‘Single Tenancy’ (ST) site. This means
that whilst the system was initially built to our standard CPD Online
specifications the entire code base is bespoke to you. ST products utilise
older technology which will become increasing difficult to keep current
as technology evolves. A ST product is only developed at the request
of the user.

Multi Tenancy

Our new modules are all ‘Multi Tenancy’ (MTd), which means they utilise the latest technology. It also means that we have one code base for the module but it is published to each of our clients separately.

How will Multi Tenancy benefit me?

There are several benefits of Multi Tenancy products. MT Products are:

More comprehensively tested

And will soon be taking advantage of
automated industry-standard testing functions.

More up-to-date

It’s important that we keep your products up-to-date and in line with technological standards.

More easily updated with new features

Each product will receive regular updates, including new features made available to you should you choose to take them

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the development process for MTd products?

The development process for MTd is controlled by WB. We plan a ‘roadmap’ for the product where regular updates are made. You can still request bespoke changes as per ST products but they will be carefully considered by our development team and added to the roadmap if viable.

Is my data still secure?

Absolutely, yes. Whilst the codebase is shared, we publish it separately and so your site is still just yours. Each implementation has its own separate database (indicated by the d in MTd) which ensures that your data is secure and is only accessible by you and your customers.

Your database is securely stored in exactly the same way as before.

What does this mean for my BETA release?

With the MTd modules, your BETA release is a chance for you check the integration between CPD Online and the new module. If you find any
bugs, we will of course fix them.

The functionality is standardised for all clients. If you want to change anything, you will need to submit a request for change. Changes requested will not be
completed as part of the BETA issue fixing process but will reviewed and added into a review log (technically called a “backlog”) of requirements for future
development. In the event that a change you have requested cannot be developed, a full explanation will be provided and we will of course offer a
workaround where possible.

Does this mean I can still get work done just for my requirements?

All requirements will be considered, and where applicable, written into the product as a “feature”. We may need to tweak your exact requirements to make the feature suitable for MTd.

Does this mean that I will benefit from bug fixes requested by others?

Yes, bug fixes will be applied and released as part of a scheduled release cycle.

Will my individual implementation still be thoroughly tested?

Yes. Each feature will be set up and tested thoroughly against each implementation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Client Queries

Initial releases are scheduled independently. Further development releases will be released for all clients at the same time. A product ‘roadmap’ will be issued to give you full visibility of upcoming planned developments and their release dates. There will be certain releases which, for technical, compliance or security reasons, contain mandatory features / updates and we will communicate these to you.

Non-essential updates will not be mandatory. For those updates which are “optional features” you will have the chance to see the development on BETA and if you decide you don’t want it, we will not release it to your LIVE site.

Rest assured that we will work with you to allow a reasonable amount of time for you to check your integration on BETA. This will be dependent on the complexity of the change. We will plan issue correction time into our release cycles.

In order to keep up with the latest technology and advancements, we are working towards building MTd versions of all of our products and will continue to keep you updated about opportunities that may interest you as these products develop. Rest assured that for the foreseeable future we will continue to support your ST modules as we always have.

Bespoke change requests will be considered carefully by the product management team so that we can undertake all bespoke developments in a way that will benefit the product community as a whole. We view change requests as a positive way for us to develop the product so it continues meet your requirements. This means that you will be able to benefit from any changes that other clients request, as well as your own.

The MTd approach allows us to continue to develop certain bespoke features, switching them on or off for each published client site, depending on requirements. However there will be occasions when a bespoke request cannot be written as a feature. If this occurs we will advise you why this is the case and where possible work with you on a workaround.