• Make it easier to keep track of Governors, positions and terms of office across all your Governing bodies.
  • Keep up to date from any online device.
  • Configure the constitution of each Governing body.
  • Optionally allow Clerks to keep their own data up to date with changes always approved by your Governor Support Team.


  • Make it easier to send bulk emails, texts and letters to Clerks and Governors.
  • Publish news items, supporting documents and publications online.
  • Retain a full audit of communications.


  • Make it easier for clerks to notify you of changes and keep up to date.
  • Give your Clerks online tools for managing meetings and securely sharing documents such as minutes and papers.
  • Target support information online or in bulk emails and letters.


  • Make it easier to generate and submit reports at any time.
  • Build your own reports or choose from a set of standard reports.
  • Download all reports to Excel for further analysis.
  • View the full list of standard reports.


  • Make it easier to manage, advertise and track CPD for all Governors.
  • Take online course bookings from Clerks or direct from Governors.
  • Automatically send notifications to Governors when courses and events are published.