Rich education content and news alerts for LAs and MATs

Helping you to provide up-to-the-minute education guidance, features and news alerts to school leaders and governors.

Trending Issues

Showcase the most popular school leadership and governance issues in your area with a dynamic list of real-time trends

Use The Key

Reduce incoming queries and increase advisory capacity by routing users directly to The Key through a search portal embedded in your website.

Education News Alerts

Increase traffic to your site with a
dynamic daily feed of vital education
sector news.


Increased LA capacity, with a significant reduction in call volumes.

The content tools increase traffic, whilst reducing contact with LA staff. One governor services team in the South East reported a 57% reduction in call volumes as a result of a 100% membership rate of The Key for school governors.

Fresh, up-to-the minute education content.

The Key has a 40 strong editorial team that creates more than 100 new answers to questions each week. School-facing websites can benefit from high-quality, agenda-free information, without needing to invest in keeping information up-to-date.

Promote efficiency and effectiveness across local networks of schools.

The Key already supports more than 80,000 leaders and governors to be confident and effective in their role. A working relationship with The Key will ensure leaders and governors have increased capacity, confidence and impact.

Drive school improvement and pupil outcomes.

The Key is an essential tool in supporting school improvement and, ultimately, better outcomes for pupils. We provide information and resources to help school leaders drive pupil performance and attainment, enhance pupil and staff wellbeing and raise aspirations.

Real-time insights into the issues facing your school leaders and governors.

As well as giving you real-time visibility into the issues affecting your schools, our insights can also help you spot gaps and tailor training or support to specific local needs.

More traffic to traded services pages and local information.

The Key’s content tools can be embedded across school-facing website pages, drawing-in traffic to traded services and local information.

If you are interested in integrating Pulse in your school-facing website or platform, contact us.