Improve communication

  • Centralise the management of your Traded Services and SLAs giving schools a single secure portal for purchasing, reviewing and renewing their orders
  • Enhance or move away from printed brochures making it easier to reach local schools and those beyond your LA
  • Move from passive sales to actively promoting services to your schools providing personalised recommendations and highlighting new offers
  • Provide disparate teams or services with a single, unified marketplace for their traded service and SLA offerings

Connect with stakeholders

  • Prompt continued engagement with schools using automated notifications and updates
  • Engage with external organisations within a single secure system
  • Generate meaningful and powerful reports giving you the data you need at the touch of a button
  • Integrate with other services such as CPD Online LMS, Office 365 or SharePoint.

Facilitate flexible working and reduce costs

  • Access the administrative system at any time whether you’re in the office or on the go
  • Allow easy collaboration and workflow management with customised notifications
  • Cut down on unnecessary manual tasks with automated integrations with corporate systems
  • Quickly & securely take online payments or automatically issue invoices

Audit, monitor and control

  • Secure online system with no software to install
  • Reporting and monitoring of access and usage at your fingertips at any time
  • Flexible permission systems allows granular fine tuning of what individuals or groups can access
  • Implement Single Sign-On with Active Directory, Shibboleth or LGfL USO